Make Room For More

January 28, 2016 — 5 Comments



If you’re anything like me, you are at capacity in most of the areas of your life, which makes it difficult to experience the “MORE” that God intends to give us. We pack our schedules to the max and we struggle to say “no” to the requests for our time and energy.  There is a pressure that comes to keep up with the pace of others so we don’t feel like we are missing out or falling behind, so we add even MORE things to our already lengthy list of things-to-do.  But , it’s not just limited to our schedules.  We can even become consumed by relationships, possessions, routines and mentalities to the point that there is not room for the INCREASE that God wants for us. The interesting part is, our culture seems to applaud us for living this lifestyle of being busy and overextended.  Culture actually encourages us to live life at our limits which only leads to exhaustion and distraction and winds up stealing from us from the things that matter the most in this life.

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You can’t officially call yourself successful until you have dedicated your life to making others successful.

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